AVESTOR Inaugurates New LMP Battery Plant

October 08, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

AVESTOR Corporation Inc. (Montreal, Québec), a joint venture of Hydro-Québec and Kerr-McGee Chemical LLC, announced that it is starting production of a fully commercial, lithium-metal-polymer (LMP) battery at its new manufacturing plant in Boucherville, Québec. The achievement marks the first commercial alternate energy storage battery for the telecommunications, automotive and public utility industries.

AVESTOR is currently negotiating supply agreements with major telecommunications providers, and has plans to develop units for the automotive and utilities sectors. Hydro-Québec and Kerr-McGee have invested more than CDN$200.0 million in research, development and plant construction to bring this new technology to market.

The new LMP battery, branded SE 48S70, features good performance in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +65 degrees C, a nominal voltage of 48Vdc, a rated capacity of 70Ah, a rated energy at 3.4kWh at eight hours, a maximum continuous discharge current of 18A, a float voltage range of 54Vdc to 55.8Vdc, dimensions of 400mm x 200mm x 272mm, a weight of 28.5kg, and a service life of approximately 10 years. The LMP battery is solid-state and has no acid or liquid that can leak, spill or lose potency.