Avansys Enters US DC/DC Market

April 26, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Avansys (San Jose, CA) recently announced its entry into the US market for power components. The company offers a line of single and dual output, low power dc/dc converters. According to Avansys, the converters incorporate industry standard footprints and pin-outs, as well as standard features and performance at an attractive price. The converters provide from 10W to 30W, and operate from 24V or 48V inputs.Although new to the US, Avansys' dc/dc converters have been in service around the world for many years, according to the firm. Avansys is the American division of Huawei Technologies (China), which is China's largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, growing to more than $1 billion in sales in a little over a decade. Huawei had power supply sales of about $150 million in 1998, primarily to other divisions of the company. Production takes place in Shenzhen, China. In addition to dc/dc converters, Hauwei produces rectifiers, battery plants, ring generators, and other telecom power products. The company's production has been about equally split between embedded power converters such as dc/dc converters and external power converters such as rectifiers and battery plants.