AURA AERO and AKKA Technologies Partner for E-Aircraft Development

May 22, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Companies AURA AERO and AKKA Technologies partner to develop the Electrical Regional Aircraft and electric aerobatic aircraft, INTEGRAL-E.

AKKA Technologies is a French company that provides engineering and technology consulting services and solutions to its customers in aerospace, defense, automotive, digital, life sciences, telecom, railway, space, and telecom business sectors. The company specializes in industrial project management and engineering, scientific project management and engineering, as well as mechanical, electronic, computing, and telecommunications project management and engineering. 

Recently, AKKA announced its entry into a partnership with AURA AERO. AURA AERO is a manufacturer of ecologically conscious and low carbon aircraft based in France. The partnership between AKKA and AURA AERO was established to push forward the development of two electric aircraft (e-aircraft). This includes the development of a 19-seat electric regional airliner supported by the Occitanie region, ERA (Electrical Regional Aircraft), and an electric aerobatic aircraft, INTEGRAL-E.


 AURA AERO and AKKA partner to develop low-carbon electric aircraft. Image used courtesy of AKKA Technologies 
 AURA AERO and AKKA partner to develop low-carbon electric aircraft. Image used courtesy of AKKA Technologies 


The Technology

AKKA engineers will be contributing to the build of the ERA and the integration of the battery management system within the INTEGRAL-E aircraft. A BMS is an electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (single cell or battery pack). It manages the battery by preventing it from operating outside of its safe operating range. A BMS also monitors the battery’s state, calculates secondary data, reports this data, controls the battery’s environment, and/or balances it. Some of the key reasons why a BMS may be incorporated into e-aircraft or electric vehicles (EVs) is that it can improve battery longevity and safety, provide an indication of end-of-life, and reveal battery state of health. A BMS can also be useful for providing notification of alerts that let engineers know that service may be needed. 


AKKA and AURA AERO Work Together

The ERA and INTEGRAL-E projects will be developed over two years and AKKA will be helping to support AURA AERO with its comprehensive mobility electrification expertise. AKKA expects to provide the aircraft projects with a team of 40 engineers and research and development (R&D) capabilities through its two Toulouse-based Engineering and Aviation Centers of Expertise.


The ERA aircraft. Image used courtesy of AURA AERO
The ERA aircraft. Image used courtesy of AURA AERO

In a recent press release, Jérémy Caussade, President and co-founder of AURA AERO, Jérémy Caussade, said “We are very pleased to be able to work with AKKA to develop the new AURA AERO program. The skills provided will strengthen our internal expertise and will contribute to the development of our new ERA aircraft, a 19-seat electrically powered regional aircraft that is eco-efficient and innovative. More than ever, we are aware that women and men are at the heart of our current and future success.”

In the same press release, SVP Aerospace at AKKA France, Stéphane Latieule, commented: “We are extremely proud to be working alongside AURA AERO in these projects at the forefront of the next generation of aircraft development. This partnership illustrates AKKA’s agility in leveraging its deep domain expertise in the aeronautical sector out of Occitanie to contribute to the development of projects set to pave the way to the future of aviation.”