Astris Reports Discussions with Fuel Cell Prospects

June 13, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Astris Energi Inc. (Mississauga, ON) reported that discussions are continuing with nine potential joint-venture partners in six different countries, most of which were former partners with ZeTek Power plc (UK), the only other manufacturer of alkaline fuel cells, which recently declared bankruptcy.

Of special interest to such system integrators are Astris' 2.5kW alkaline fuel cells, which can power golf cars, neighborhood electric vehicles, and other people and material movers, and its 4kW cell, which can provide electricity and heat for individual homes, small business structures and boats.

"All these concerns - in England, Scotland, Norway, Italy and New Zealand - are committed to alkaline technology and have developed systems that were to be powered by ZeTek fuel cells," said Astris President Jiri Nor. "But since those power sources are no longer available, they have initiated discussions with Astris as a possible provider of the fuel cells they need."