APT Sues IXYS for Patent Infringement

October 01, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Power Technology Inc. (APT, Bend, OR) announced that it has filed a patent infringement counterclaim against IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) alleging that IXYS infringes US Patent 5,283,202, entitled "IGBT Device with Platinum Lifetime Control Having Gradient or Profile Tailored Platinum Diffusion Regions." The counterclaim seeks both injunctive relief and damages. APT further announced that it has filed its answers to IXYS' allegations of patent infringement with the US District Court, Northern District of California.

APT Vice President, Finance and Administration and CFO Greg Haugen stated, "In addition to countersuing IXYS and denying the IXYS allegations of patent infringement, APT has filed with the court several affirmative defenses related to the validity of the IXYS patents. While we appreciate that the burden is on us to convince the court on our affirmative defenses and counterclaims, the facts appear to support our position, especially since directly relevant APT prior art was not cited in the prosecution of the IXYS patents. APT will vigorously defend itself in this lawsuit and is confident that it will prevail."