Anuvu Debuts Fuel-Cell-Powered Water Taxi

October 26, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Anuvu Inc. (Sacramento, CA) demonstrated its zero-emission, hydrogen-fueled, public water taxi on the San Francisco Bay. The water taxi is powered by a fuel cell engine and was demonstrated for attendees at the World Maritime Technology Exposition. The partially government-funded boat illustrates the real-life feasibility of environmentally conscious marine transportation initiatives and the specialized features that Anuvu's fuel cells provide for the maritime transportation industry.

The water taxi runs on an Anuvu Power-X™ fuel cell/battery, electric-hybrid engine. Emitting only heat and water vapor, Anuvu's fuel cells allow government ferries, commercial marine fleets and recreational boats to have environmentally friendly engines. The Power-X fuel cells provide durability suitable for rough water conditions. A proprietary filtration system prevents salt-air and water from interfering with or damaging the fuel cells functionality. The standardized design makes the fuel cells easy to integrate into contemporary marine vehicles.