ANL Debuts Fuel Cell Power Plant Modeling Tool

July 09, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL, Argonne, IL) has developed the General Computational Toolkit (GCTool) for designing, analyzing and comparing fuel cell systems and other power plant configurations. It is a PC-based, total-system fuel cell modeling software that incorporates proton-exchange membrane, solid-oxide, molten-carbonate and phosphoric-acid fuel cell types.

The program handles models of any level of sophistication and permits arbitrary flows, system/subsystem decomposition and system constraints. It also performs both steady-state and dynamic analyses, allows unlimited parameter sweeps, and performs constrained optimizations. The software has been used successfully in analyzing a variety of polymer-electrolyte fuel cell systems using different fuels, fuel-storage methods and fuel-processing techniques, including compressed hydrogen systems; metal hydride, glass microsphere and sponge-iron hydrogen storage systems; and fuel cell systems with reformers for methanol, natural gas and gasoline, using either partial-oxidation or steam reforming.

Pricing for purchases of multiple copies, or a site license, is available by contacting Paul Betten, Software Licensing Coordinator, at [email protected].