AMIS Opens North American Automotive Center

October 12, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

AMI Semiconductor Inc. (AMIS, Pocatello, ID), a leader in the design and manufacture of application-specific integrated circuits, announced the opening of its new North American Automotive Center in Novi, MI, near Detroit, which will provide a local presence and support for ongoing production programs. The new office will also allow AMIS to provide local and timely technical support for new design concepts, and implementation in semiconductor solutions to help drive the adoption of new technologies in automotive applications.

"AMIS has built strong relationships with dozens of key customers involved in the automotive markets, including global car manufacturers and automotive suppliers," said Jim Beaton, automotive sales manager. "AMI Semiconductor chips are found in applications such as braking systems, tire pressure gauges, headlamp motors, fuel injectors, transceivers for in-vehicle networks, and more."