AMIS Delivers New Development Tools for DSP Products

October 16, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

AMI Semiconductor Inc. (AMIS, Pocatello, ID), a manufacturer of application-specific integrated circuits and structured digital products, announced the availability of the next-generation Evaluation and Development Kit (EDK 3.0), a new tools suite for developing embedded software and evaluating the performance and flexibility of the company's DSP-based standard products targeted for audio and audiology applications. The company also announced the availability of the Communication Accelerator Adaptor (CAA) device for high-speed communications with devices built with AMI Semiconductor's DSP-based products.

"The availability of the EDK and CAA strongly support our commitment to the development of tools for ultra-low power DSP technology," said AMI Semiconductor Medical and Wireless Group Senior Vice President Robert Tong. "Development tools continue to grow in importance when choosing from the wide universe of available DSP-based platforms. As a company, AMIS will continue to enhance its offerings to simplify and shorten the design cycle, and help OEMs achieve quicker time-to-market advantages."