Altek Applies for Patent on Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell Technology

January 22, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Altek Fuel Group Inc. announced that it has applied for a patent for a fully self-contained portable Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Supply System, the APS 100. Its APS 100 is based on Altek’s aluminum-air fuel cell technology, with a specific energy of over 300 Wh/kg (500 Wh/kg is claimed to be coming soon), and is designed to power a wide range of portable applications, thereby increasing its potential commercial value.

With a continuous power output over 100 watts, Altek’s APS 100 Fuel Cell Power Supply features catalyzed gas diffusion electrodes, industrial anode alloys and composite electrolyte. The APS 100 also features the ability to mechanically recharge the electrical capacity without any power interruption by using Altek’s fuel cartridges. This allows for the APS 100 to be fully independent from the electrical grid and, therefore, suitable for remote areas.

The APS 100 is fully scalable to meet other power requirements and has been designed with an overall approach that considers core materials, volume manufacturing processes and battery stack performance in the context of a total fuel cell for both portable and stationary applications, optimizing performance and integration.