All-Electric and Hybrid Railroad Traction Drives

November 16, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

EnerDel has expanded its partnership with LTS ePropulsion, a leading electric drive train integrator and battery pack manufacturer, to develop and manufacture high voltage traction batteries for Nordco, a major North American railroad equipment manufacturer. The all electric-Navigator is capable of moving up to 30 loaded railcars at a time, while the hybrid version can move up to 60 loaded railcars.

The electric and hybrid Shuttlewagons are specified to meet the utilization of an individual site application. With lower operating costs than a diesel powertrain, the electric Shuttlewagon also eliminates the carbon footprint produced by the machines it replaces.

Designed and manufactured by LTS ePropulsion, Nordco’s electric and hybrid machines active thermal management battery systems are based on EnerDel’s Moxie+ Battery Modules and Secure+ Battery Management System.

“Nordco innovation continues with its introduction of North America's first all-electric and hybrid mobile railcar movers. Designed and developed together with LTS ePropulsion and EnerDel, Nordco's Electric Shuttlewagons are available in the Navigator platform,” said Nathan Yoder, Vice President of Engineering of NORDCO. “The new products have received very positive feedback from the market. We will continue introducing innovative products and the partnership with EnerDel and LTS ePropulsion will play a significant role in electrification of our machines.”

"LTS ePropulsion have been integrating EnerDel’s technology into different applications for several years, including on-highway transportation, marine and rail. EnerDel’s lithium NMC chemistry was chosen because it offers the highest quality, high output, safety and cycle life, meeting and exceeding customer and application requirements,” stated Bruno Tellier, CTO of LTS ePropulsion. “EnerDel’s modular platform allows efficient stacking into battery packs, efficient implementation of active thermal management and provides robust solution against vibration hazards and physical damage.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Nordco and LTS ePropulsion in this market segment. Our advance lithium-ion cutting edge technology continues to be the catalyst in servicing new applications and markets in a rapidly expanding industry“, said Michael Canada, CEO of EnerDel. “We look forward to expanding our partnerships in this market segment going forward.”