50 Most-Read Power Electronics Stories of 2012: 20 to 11

December 27, 2012 by Power Pulse1595211359

The following is a listing (with links for the full story) of the most read stories on PowerPulse.Net for 2012, thus providing a window into the "pulse" of the trends and interests in the Power Electronics Industry. This is the fourth article in the series. In the next issue, we will reveal the top 10 most-read articles for 2012.

20: Maxwell Technologies Introduces New Ultracapacitor-Based Engine Start Module for Trucks

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. announced that it has entered into a one-year agreement with Pana-Pacific, a preferred integrator and engineering partner in the commercial vehicle market, to distribute Maxwell's new ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module (ESM) in the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a result of the agreement, the ESM is now available through all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) after-market truck dealerships, including Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack Trucks, Peterbilt, Volvo and Western Star Trucks.

Maxwell developed the ESM incorporating its patented ultracapacitor technology in consultation with heavy truck manufacturers and fleet operators to avoid vehicle starting problems in cold weather or when batteries are drained by repetitive starting or climate control and other driver comfort functions. The ESM is designed for light, medium and heavy duty applications in Class 4 to 8 trucks.

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19: Ericsson Unveils the Definitive Guide to Digital Power

Ericsson Power Modules has announced what it says is the most complete and authoritative collection of technical papers on advanced digital dc-dc power technologies available today. The "Digital Power Compendium" comprises more than 450 pages and includes Ericsson's key technical papers on digital power and detailed specifications of the company's comprehensive and industry-leading range of advanced bus converter and point-of-load dc-dc conversion products.

According to Ericsson, this remarkable and substantial document will deliver highly valuable and educational material for power communities in both industrial and academic fields. The Digital Power Compendium will enable designers and students to learn and build upon the possibilities offered by digital power technology and make a significant contribution in reducing energy consumption.

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18: MIZCO International Introduces Credit-Card Sized Portable Power Solution That Fits in Wallet or Purse

Underscoring its commitment to providing mobile technology users with convenient charging solutions that are easy to use while on-the-go, MIZCO International introduced its new DIGIPOWER ChargeCard for Smartphones and iPhones, a portable battery pack and charger that offers smartphone and iPhone users the opportunity to quickly charge their devices while away from conventional power sources without having to carry a bulky battery pack or a mess of tangled cables. The new high-capacity battery pack is only the size of a credit card, making it not only the world's thinnest and lightest portable power product, but makes it possible for the user to store the charger inside their wallet right alongside their credit cards and other essentials.

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17: Cree Releases Packaged 1700V SiC Schottky Diodes for Solar, Motor Drive and Traction Applications

Cree, Inc. has introduced a series of packaged diodes that the company says deliver the industry's highest blocking voltage available in SiC Schottky technology. Cree's 1700V Z-Rec® Schottky diodes virtually eliminate the reverse recovery losses suffered in silicon PiN diode alternatives, enabling ultra-efficient, smaller and lighter systems — all with improved reliability. These newly released packaged products extend the performance improvements and system cost savings enabled by Z-Rec technology at 1700V to lower-power applications designed with discrete components.

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16: Electrochem Offers Expanded Total Power Solutions; Retires Micro Power Brand

Electrochem Solutions Inc. a subsidiary of Greatbatch Inc. announced the completed integration of Micro Power Electronics, Inc.(Micro Power), following Electrochem's acquisition of the company in December 2011. The Micro Power brand has retired and the unified organization will move forward as Electrochem Solutions, Inc.

Micro Power's former design and manufacturing facility in Beaverton, Oregon, now operates as Electrochem Solutions, Inc. and retains approximately 200 employees - expanding Electrochem's footprint from coast to coast.

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15: Silan Releases Current Mode PWM+PFM Controller Series with Built-in High Voltage Start-up and MOSFET

Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Silan) released its current mode PWM+PFM controller SDH682X series with built-in high voltage start-up and high voltage MOSFET. These series circuits feature low power dissipation, low start-up current, low EMI, high efficiency up to 84%, adjustable output voltage, and good consistency of output limit power. Now, the output power available on the circuits are 8~18W in full voltage range and 10~21W in specific voltage range. The circuits can be widely used in set-top boxes, DVD players, and power adaptors, etc.

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14: Eaton to Acquire Cooper Industries to Form Premier Global Power Management Company

Eaton Corp. and electrical equipment supplier Cooper Industries plc announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Eaton will acquire Cooper in a transaction that will significantly increase the capabilities and geographic breadth of the combined company�s power management portfolio and electrical business.

At the close of the transaction, which is expected in the second half of 2012, Eaton and Cooper will be combined under a new company incorporated in Ireland, where Cooper is incorporated today. The newly created company, which is expected to be called Eaton Global Corporation plc or a variant thereof ("New Eaton"), will be led by Alexander M. Cutler, Eaton's current chairman and chief executive officer.

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13: Eltek Initiates Legal Proceedings Against Major Chinese Company

The legal proceedings are caused by infringement of Eltek's intellectual property rights. Eltek underlines that the motivation for pursuing this issue legally is of a principle character. The financial damage caused by this infringement, is modest.

"After learning about the existence of copied Eltek-products in the Chinese market, Eltek gained access to such product and conducted thorough investigations on its functions. Discoveries from the investigations led to the firm conclusion that production of the copied product would have been impossible for the Chinese defendant without illegal access to — and infringement of — Eltek's trade secrets," said Morten Schøyen, marketing director of Eltek.

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12: Siemens Studying Use of Direct Current in Buildings

Siemens, working together with European partners, is studying if and how direct current (dc) could be used inside buildings in addition to the usual alternating current (ac). This addition could save energy when used in certain applications, such as in office buildings. It could also be advantageous for the integration of renewable energy sources and for grid stability. The project, known as DC Components and Grid (DCC+G), is funded by a number of European research ministries and will run until spring 2015.

According to a European Union directive, buildings constructed after 2020 will have to be nearly energy-neutral. The main por-tion of their power requirement must be generated on site using renewable sources. In comparison, buildings are currently among the world's biggest energy consumers, being responsible for around 40 percent of the total consumption. Almost every one of today's consumption points in buildings utilizes dc. Every system or device has its own power supply that takes 230Vac from the low-voltage grid and converts it into an appropriate dc voltage.

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11: 380Vdc Power is Prominent at Techno Frontier

Several companies addressed various aspects of 380Vdc microgrids at this year's Techno Frontier. Bellnix pre-announced a new 380Vdc power system targeted at data centers. TDK-Lambda was previewing a new bi-directional dc-dc converter designed to interface between 380Vdc micro grids and 48-Vdc battery storage systems. Aval Nagasaki Corp. was demonstrating its "Smart Power Solution" for HVDC microgrids in homes and commercial buildings. And Furukawa Power Components Inc. was showing a 380Vdc connector it jointly developed with NTT Facilities for use in data centers, telecommunications installations and dc microgrids.

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