50 Most-Read Industry News Stories for 2016: 30-21

January 03, 2017 by Power Pulse1595211359

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The following is a listing (with links for the full story) of the most-read Industry News stories on PowerPulse.Net for 2016, thus providing a window into the "pulse" of the trends and interests in the Global Power Electronics Industry. This is the third article in the series, which will run this entire week.

#30: Wireless Power and Inductors from Magnetizable Concrete

Magment GmbH has introduced a composite material based on a special cement matrix loaded with magnetizable particles having a suitable size distribution. These material grades can reach initial permeabilities up to 60, which opens up a very broad range of electromagnetic applications. A primary advantage is full integrability into any cement-based structure maintaining a high degree of robustness. Also, cement as a binder allows the production of rigid and mechanically rugged inductive components with high stability to environmental influences. More.

#29: 48-Volt Shock Absorbers Harvest Energy

In the mobility of the future, the recuperation of energy plays an increasingly important role, including in a car's suspension. Audi is working on a prototype called "eROT," (electromechanical ROTary damper), in which electromechanical rotary dampers replace the hydraulic dampers used today for an even more comfortable ride. More.

#28: "BC" Power Proposed to Replace AC and DC

Technology firm Inventi has announced its patented xPathâ„¢ technology, the first in a series of "hardware smart" innovations, is ready for prime time. Now, the company is looking for a forward-thinking firm willing to start a joint venture, or to purchase the intellectual property outright, as part of building out the hardware within their own product families and jumpstarting a revolution in electric power efficiency and safety. More.

#27: Google joins OCP to drive 48Vdc IT Infrastructure

Google announced in a blog posted by John Zipfel, Technical Program Manager, that it has joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) to help drive standardization in IT infrastructure. More specifically, Google will contribute a new rack specification that includes 48V power distribution and a new form factor to allow OCP racks to fit into Google data centers. More.

#26: Panasonic Showcases GaN, Thermal and Passive Solutions

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe today announced its technology lineup for PCIM (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion) 2016, taking place May 10th -12th in Nuremberg, Germany. At Stand 429 in Hall 6 the company will be highlighting industry-leading innovations — including passive components, semiconductors and thermal management solutions — that provide increased efficiency and reliability for a wide range of applications. More.

#25: Emerson to Sell Network Power for $4 Billion to Platinum Equity

Emerson announced an agreement to sell Network Power to Platinum Equity and a group of co-investors. The transaction is valued at $4 billion and Emerson will retain a subordinated interest in Network Power. The sale of Network Power is expected to close by December 31, 2016, subject to customary regulatory approvals. More.

#24: Integration of 650V GaN FETs with Drive and Logic

Navitas Semiconductor announced the world's first Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power ICs, using its proprietary AllGaNâ„¢ monolithically-integrated 650V platform. Combining GaN power FETs with GaN logic and drive circuits enables 10x to 100x higher switching frequencies than existing silicon circuits, enabling smaller, lighter power electronics at lower cost. Navitas expects to enable a new generation of high frequency, energy efficient converters for smartphone and laptop chargers, OLED TVs, LED lighting, solar inverters, wireless charging devices and datacenters. More.

#23: Surface Energy aims to Replace Wireless Charging

Zii Energy, a California electronics firm, plans to bring a technology it calls "surface energy" to leading brand-name consumer electronic devices in 2017. Its founders believe crowd-funding will bring needed capital to propel surface energy-powered devices to everyday use. More.

#22: 100 Toxic Gases from Li-ions -- it's Not Just About Fires

Dozens of dangerous gases are produced by the batteries found in billions of consumer devices, like smartphones and tablets, according to a new study. The research, published in Nano Energy, identified more than 100 toxic gases released by lithium-ion batteries (Li-ions), including carbon monoxide. The gases are potentially fatal. They can cause strong irritations to the skin, eyes and nasal passages, and harm the wider environment. More.

#21: Educational Videos on GaN Devices for Power Conversion

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) has expanded its video library on GaN technology with the addition of a nine-part educational video series designed to provide power system design engineers advanced technical information and application examples on how to design more efficient power conversion systems using gallium nitride-based transistors and integrated circuits. More.