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Xantrex Announces New Grid Tie Solar Inverter

May 07, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Xantrex Technology Inc. is expanding its renewable power product line with the addition of the Xantrex GT3.8 Grid-Tie Solar Inverter. The new GT3.8 is said to offer improved solar system sizing with a wide Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) window and a high efficiency rating as determined by the California Energy Commission (CEC) inverter test protocol.

The GT3.8 will complement the existing Xantrex GT Series Grid-Tie Solar Inverter product line, with the same features and a CEC efficiency rating of 95%. The GT3.8 offers a wider MPPT window (195 to 550Vdc), which provides an optimal fit with high current, low voltage modules, such as BP Solar’s SX 3200. The GT3.8 is also said to offer installers the highest inverter output power possible with a 20A over-current protection breaker. This is said to be convenient for installers since it allows for the largest solar system possible when interconnected to a 100A service panel.

The company claims that the GT series inverters efficiently convert dc power from solar panels into ac electricity for the utility grid. The GT3.8 is the latest addition to the product line-up, which also includes the GT2.8, GT3.3N, GT4.0N and GT5.0 models. All power levels are said to have high efficiency and a compact design that is easy to install in either single-phase or three-phase applications. The full line-up also features a 600V UL listed dc-ac disconnect, and 240/208V compatibility with line voltage auto-detection.

"We are excited to offer an extensive product line that is convenient for dealers, distributors and installers," said John Wallace, Xantrex CEO. "Xantrex uses a disciplined approach to design its grid-tie solar inverters for high efficiency, long life, and reliability, and we continue to be committed to offering quality products that meet the needs of our customers."