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Voller Energy Offers Portapack VE100 Fuel Cell

October 12, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Voller Energy (UK), a manufacturer of portable fuel cells, introduced its new Portapack VE100, a 100W hand-portable fuel cell system and combined gen-set and battery charger. The unit is the size of a small attaché case and features a selectable 60Hz/110V or 50Hz/230Vac mains supply and a 12Vdc battery charging supply.

The Portapack VE100 is capable of providing electricity in remote off-grid locations to power lighting, recharge batteries, and power personal communications and photographic equipment. The unit either plugs into an ordinary wall socket, or it can be used with a dc plug that is found in a car to recharge mobile phone batteries. The VE100 provides clean, reliable, portable power with no exhaust gases.