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Vertiv Adds Lithium-Ion Single Phase UPS Models

March 05, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Vertiv announced the availability of lithium-ion models of the VertivTM Liebert® PSI5 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) family. The Liebert PSI5 is the first single-phase UPS from Vertiv available with lithium-ion batteries. With their increased runtime and reduced maintenance requirements, lithium-ion batteries are a natural fit for deployments at the edge of the network, where IT support is limited. The Liebert PSI5 lithium-ion line interactive UPS is available now for customers in the U.S. and Canada, in 1500VA and 3000VA capacities.

The lithium-ion option eliminates the weakest link in the power chain at the edge, doubling the battery life and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 50% compared to traditional valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. The Liebert PSI5 leverages the superior energy density of lithium-ion batteries to enable significantly longer runtime in a similar footprint.

It delivers up to 20 minutes of runtime at half load and 9 minutes at full load – roughly double that of similarly-sized UPS systems – and is well suited for small spaces in distributed networks. The Liebert PSI5 comes with a five-year advanced replacement warranty, contributing to a significantly lower TCO.

“More and more digital applications are being shifted to the edge of the network, where on-site IT support is limited, yet they are no less critical than most enterprise data centers and need the same level of power protection,” said Ramesh Menon, vice president and general manager of single phase UPS for Vertiv. “Lithium-ion batteries are a perfect choice for edge sites because they bring reliable, ‘set it and forget it’ performance with an attractive TCO. The Liebert PSI5 with lithium-ion batteries eliminates the frequent battery refreshes required with VRLA batteries and enables savings and stability for IT managers with edge facilities.”

The Liebert® PSI5 with lithium-ion batteries comes with a battery management system (BMS) that provides real-time monitoring of battery conditions and ensures safe and reliable operation.

“Vertiv already has a robust selection of single-phase UPS systems, but a lithium-ion unit is a great option to have when trying to help customers meet their needs, especially as they want longer battery life for less maintenance at the edge of their networks,” said David Walty, channel account manager for Data Power Technology, a Vertiv partner who assisted in the selection and deployment of Liebert PSI5 lithium-ion models for a local manufacturing facility.

Liebert PSI5 lithium-ion models will also be eligible for the recently announced Vertiv™ Trade-In Program. This program enables customers to trade in almost any aging single-phase UPS – Vertiv and competitive systems – for discounted pricing on new Vertiv Liebert PSI or Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT UPS systems. The Trade-In Program also includes free shipping and recycling of the surrendered UPS units, in compliance with the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS).