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Vector Products Offers Smart Battery Charger Series

October 05, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Vector Products Inc. (Fort Lauderdale, FL), a developer of automotive portable power products, offered its Smart Battery Charger Series, which is comparably priced to traditional chargers, and utilizes a "pure dc output" charging current that charges vehicle batteries in a safe and efficient manner. Vector has combined proven switch-mode (high-frequency) technology with microprocessor controls, battery diagnostics, and engine start capabilities.

The Vector Smart Battery Charger Series features models with charging capacities ranging from 2 A to 50 A, weighing up to three times less than traditional chargers. The series is UL-listed, demonstrating that it has undergone rigorous safety and performance testing. The Smart Battery Chargers eliminate the guesswork out of charging by using a built-in digital display and diagnostic features such as battery fault codes (which indicate an internal shorted cell, bad connection, internal open cell, and overtime/overheated conditions) and an alternator voltage check (which determines if the alternator voltage output is within typical range).