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Tyco's Raychem Circuit Protection Division Unveils VTP110 Resettable Strap Device

May 09, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Tyco Electronics Corp. (Menlo Park, CA) announced the newest addition to its line of PolySwitch PPTC resettable strap devices from its Raychem Circuit Protection division. The new VTP110 device has a maximum width of 2.9mm and can be installed on 3mm-thick lithium-ion prismatic cells.

Designed for rechargeable lithium-ion and NiMH prismatic cell packs, the VTP110 provides both over-current and over-temperature protection. In the even of short circuit or overcharge fault, it latches into a high-resistance state. Once the fault and power to the circuit are removed, the device automatically resets for normal operation. The VTP110 may be welded directly onto battery cells. It offers resettable thermal protection and has hold-current ratings of 1.1A at 25 degrees C and 0.5A at 60 degrees C.

The VTP110 measures 25.6mm x 2.9mm x 0.7mm and has a maximum time-to-trip of 5 seconds at 7A. It has a voltage withstand capability of 16V and typical resistance of 54 milliohms. UL, CSA and TUV certifications are pending.

Samples of the VTP110 are currently available, with delivery in six to eight weeks.