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TSC Fast Recovery AEC-Q Rectifiers Come in Two Compatible Packages

January 12, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights Taiwan Semiconductor RS2x Family of 2A/200-1000V surface-mount diodes claim wider reverse voltage.

RS2x Family of 2A/200-1000V surface-mount diodes claim wider reverse voltage, lower forward voltage drop and faster reverse recovery time; SOD-128 and Thin SMA packages offer unique benefits.


Image courtesy of Taiwan Semiconductor
Image courtesy of Taiwan Semiconductor

Brea, CA. - Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs and ESD protection devices, announces the availability of the RS2x family of fast recovery rectifiers. These 2A-rated diodes are available with reverse voltage ratings of 200V and 1 KV, each available in either SOD-128 or Thin SMA package. These two surface mount packages align with standard pc-board solder pads facilitating interchangeability, with the Thin SMA offering a lower profile and the SOD-128 improved thermal dissipation. 

“The RS2x Family offers industry leading forward voltage drop, switching speed, low profile and industry standard thermally-efficient packaging,” said Vice President, TSC Products, Sam Wang. “The combination of medium (200V) and high (1KV) ratings and identical performance in a pair of compatible packages enables design efficiency and manufacturing flexibility.” 

The RB2x Family provides a number of beneficial features:

  • Fast Switching and Reverse Recovery Times – Increases efficiency in a wide range of power electronics designs from medium voltage to high voltage applications, lowers EMI and RFI and simplifies snubber and filtering design.
  • Lowest Forward Voltage Drop – Industry-leading maximum Vf (1.06V @ Tj=25°C, Vr=1000V / 1.01V @ Tj=25°C, Vr+200V) improves efficiency and thermal performance. 
  • AEC-Q Automotive Qualified Versions – All parts in the family meet stringent automotive reliability and performance criteria – Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation is available. 
  • Global Materials Compliance – RoHS compliant, halogen-free (per IEC-61249-2-21), WEEE, REACH, California Prop. 65, JESD-201 Class 2 Whisker Test and others.
  • Small Surface Mount Packages – Ideal for automated placement. Low profile packaging with standard footprint for Thin SMA and thermally efficient SOD-128 packages

Rectification, blocking and freewheeling uses for the RxBS Family include enclosed and open frame power supplies and power electronic conversion systems used in automotive, industrial, telecom-datacom-networking systems, LED lighting, battery charging systems, UPS and inverters.

Design resources include comprehensive datasheets (link 1   link 2) and spice models for each component in the series.


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Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (TSC) is a Taiwanese company that specializes in discrete devices (Diodes, MOSFETs) and power management ICs. Founded in 1979 in Taipei, the company supports customers to master future design requirements for automotive, lighting, consumer and industrial applications. State-of-the-art production facilities in China and Taiwan meet the latest ISO-standards as well as IATF16949 and offer automotive customers AEC-Q101 qualified products. In Europe, Taiwan Semiconductor Europe GmbH is responsible for sales with locations in Germany, France, and the UK. TSC employees 1,800 highly qualified people worldwide with sales offices in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The group is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (5425.TWO) and stated revenue of 189 Mio. USD in 2018.