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Torex Semiconductor Introduces XC6202 Series of Regulator ICs

February 21, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Torex Semiconductor (Japan) has introduced the XC6202 series of high-voltage positive voltage regulator ICs. Fabricated in CMOS, the new XC6202 combines a current limiter circuit, a driver transistor, a precision voltage reference and an error correction circuit in a single IC package. With a maximum input voltage of 20V and output voltages between 1.8V and 6.0V, available in 0.1V steps, together with 9, 12 and 15V parts as standard, the XC6202 is designed for the higher voltage

regulator needs of a wide range of battery-powered equipment, cameras, video cameras and palmtops. It is also suitable for use as a reference voltage source, with an accuracy of ±2 percent. Typically power consumption is 10.0mA at 3.3V.

The XC6202 provides designers with output currents in excess of 100mA, together with a dropout voltage of 0.20V at 30mA. The built-in current limiter circuit protects the IC from any overshoot currents that may occur should the output experience a short circuit. It is available in both SOT-23 and SOT-89 packages. The SOT-89 device is pin-compatible with Torex Semiconductor's lower-voltage rated XC6201, allowing designers to maintain a common design over a wide range of voltage requirements. Operating temperature range is -40 to 85 degrees C.