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TDI Presents New LCE-H Series Inverter

August 10, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Transistor Devices Inc. (TDI, Hackettstown, NJ) announced its new LCE-H Series inverter (LCE-H), which is a next-generation inverter evolved from the flagship LCE Series. Like the LCE, the LCE-H is a 1.5kVA, dc/ac sinewave inverter that is scaleable up to 36kVA in complete cabinet systems. The LCE-H accepts 24Vdc, 48Vdc and 210Vdc to 400Vdc inputs, and offers true hot-bus plug-in along with a variety of telecom-friendly features. The low-profile (3U maximum height) rack-mount units provide full power within a wide temperature range (-20°C to +55°C) and support true N+1 redundancy.

The LCE-H Series accepts a wide input range that allows the inverter to operate within the charge and discharge limits of battery and fuel cell technology, making it suitable for backup uninterruptible power system and fuel cell applications. The LCE-H series inverters deliver a near perfect sinewave from a variety of dc sources. The low-cost, solid-state inverters utilize high-frequency, pulse-width modulation technology to "synthesize" a precision regulated sinusoidal output with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. The units are also capable of parallel and synchronized operation; can be configured to provide single-, two- or three-phase ac outputs suitable for use in central office, wireless basestation, customer premise equipment, electric utility sub-stations, fuel cell systems, and solar power applications. The LCE-H also provides reliable ac power for specialty vehicles, and can be used as a scaleable uninterruptible power system.

The 1.5kVA LCE-H unit is lightweight (under 12lbs) and is available with a 19in, three-bay shelf (total power 4.5kVA), or in stand-alone, 18kVA or 36kVA complete cabinet systems. Pricing for the LCE-H starts at $900 in quantities of 100. Typical delivery for standard units is stock to two weeks.