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Taiyo Yuden Presents New KLS-150A DC-AC Inverters

June 29, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Taiyo Yuden USA Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) announces its new KLS-150A, a single-board, dc-ac inverter for driving dual cold-cathode fluorescent lamps in LCD back-lighting applications. Typical uses include medical and industrial equipment requiring super-bright, high-visibility displays. Designed for harsh 0 °C to 60 °C operating environments, the convection-cooled KLS-150A module provides brightness control, on/off control features and high operating efficiency.

The KLS-150A dual-lamp driver provides an input range of 10.8 V to 13.2 V (12 V, typical) and a pulse-width-modulated brightness control frequency of 204 Hz, typical. Device power output at maximum luminance is 6.5 W per lamp or 13 W total. Physically, the KLS-150A measures 120 mm x 40 mm x 9.0 mm. Other (typical) specifications include 2,100 VRMS startup voltage, 930 VRMS output voltage, 50 kHz output frequency and 1.2 A input current.

The KLS-150A inverter is priced at $21.53 in 10,000-unit lots. Now available, delivery is 12 weeks ARO for large OEM orders.