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Taiwan Semiconductor Introduces Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET in-a-PDFN56 Dual Package

September 10, 2019 by Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor Introduces Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET in a PDFN56 Dual Package.

Taiwan Semiconductor, a global manufacturer of discrete devices (diodes, MOSFETs) and power management ICs, expands its product portfolio with Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET in a PDFN56 dual package. Samples and products are in stock and available now.

Taiwan Semiconductor's new Dual N-Channel Power MOSFETs in PDFN56 Dual package (TSM110NB04DCR, TSM150NB04DCR, TSM250NB06DCR, TSM300NB06DCR)  deliver improved power density. 

The MOSFETs are available with 40V/60V breakdown voltages 25A - 38A current ratings and an RDSon of 15mΩ - 30mΩ. The maximum junction temperature is 150°C. Thanks to a low gate charge, fast switching frequencies are possible. All MOSFETS are avalanche and Rg tested. They have a very low on-resistance to minimize conduction losses, meet RoHS requirements and are halogen-free. Applications include BLDC motor control, battery power management, DC / DC converter, and secondary synchronous rectification.


About Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor was established in 1979 and remains under the direction of its founder and CEO, Arthur Wang. The company has grown from its beginnings as a local manufacturer, to a global enterprise with 2,000 employees. Taiwan Semiconductor is publicly traded on the Stock Exchange Corporation of Taiwan.

Recognized for more than 40 years for its core competence in discrete Power Rectifiers, Taiwan Semiconductor has expanded its product portfolio to include Trench Schottkys,  MOSFETs, Power Transistors, LED Driver ICs, Analog ICs and ESD Protection Devices, and now provides a complete solution from one source.

Taiwan Semiconductor’s production facilities in China and Taiwan are fully compliant to current automotive and environmental standards such as IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001.  Thirteen worldwide sales offices are located to conveniently serve customers throughout Asia, Europe, and America.

Taiwan Semiconductor products are used in a vast array of applications in the electronics industry, including automotive, computer, consumer, industrial, telecom and photovoltaic. Through strategic expansion of innovative manufacturing capabilities, and its focus on pioneering efficient semiconductor solutions, Taiwan Semiconductor is committed to being the right choice for a successful and lasting business relationship.