New Industry Products

STMicroelectronics Intros STD150NH02L MOSFET

October 23, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

STMicroelectronics Inc. (ST, Geneva, Switzerland) introduced an n-channel MOSFET with a low RDS(on), reduced gate charge and low thermal resistance. The characteristics have been optimized so the part is suitable for use in high-current dc/dc converters.

The STD150NH02L is an n-channel MOSFET that will support a drain-to-source voltage VDS of 24V and a maximum drain current ID of 150A. At these ratings, the on-resistance RDS(on) is 0.0035Ohm. At 10V, the typical RDS(on) is 0.003Ohm and at 5V it is 0.005Ohm. The ratings help reduce the conduction losses in the part.

Samples are available now, with full production expected in December 2003. The products will be priced at $0.48 in quantities of one-million units.