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Solite Lighting Energy Ecosystem is Self-Contained, Operating Day and Night -Essentially Off-Grid

January 29, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

After more than three years in development, Solite, Inc. introduces the company's self-contained Lighting Energy Ecosystem -- providing blended, balanced daylight and daylight spectrum light through a variety of aesthetically pleasing, proprietary light fixtures. Patented Solite Technology embraces hybrid lighting with a holistic approach that merges the best of diverse technologies together with smart systems integration.

The result is scalable, cost-effective commercialization, not typically accomplished by any one technology alone. The Solite approach serves to maximize savings in the cost of electricity used for lighting using true off-grid functionality. The company is targeting commercial, industrial, and institutional interior spaces, including commercial office, retail, government, and educational facilities, but Solite, Inc., also provides renewable lighting energy solutions for a variety of specialized industrial and military applications.

"We combine in-the-trenches field systems installation experience with manufacturing expertise. This has enabled us to bring to market a practical, efficient, and reliable solution that crosses over from the realm of technical feasibility into viable execution," says Wes Moyer, Solite's founder, CTO, and President.

With its first operational system installed at Sky Harbor International Airport last year, Solite is currently engaging a limited number of diverse clients to participate in the rollout of its 2013 pilot program planned for Q2. Many energy efficiency incentives are applicable to Solite Technology in the form of grants, rebates, subsidies, tax credits and LEED points.

Design features of Solite Technology include: Proprietary, multi-vessel rooftop arrays that gather daylight and transport it directly into to building interiors. Sophisticated low-voltage control and dc architecture including switching, dimming, occupancy & daylight sensing, and light-balancing capabilities. Advanced energy storage management capabilities. Interface options for control integration with facilities management software platforms. Power to all interior fixtures with built-in redundancies, making for a lighting source that is failsafe, secure and dependable

According to Solite, accelerating population shifts toward urbanization and the consequential ever increasing demand for electricity in cities around the world are clearly driving the exigencies of a global quest for energy conservation. The company is developing a production capacity and regulatory compliance blueprint to serve international markets. Solite Technology is well-positioned to provide significant lighting energy efficiency and a global energy saving contribution that is at the forefront of conserving electric power.