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Solardyne Debuts Solar Power Pack, a Backpack-Sized Solar Generator

February 18, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Solardyne Corp. (Portland, OR) recently announced the new Solar Power Pack, a portable solar power generation system. Solardyne claims that the Solar Power Pack, which weighs 22 pounds, fits in a backpack and provides users with the tools they need to provide 120Wh of power each day. The unit can be used to power electronics while camping, boating and recreational vehicles, as well as field research, emergency home power, disaster relief and international missionary work.

The Solar Power Pack collects and stores solar energy that can be released any time of the day or night. It can power ac and dc electronics up to 300W and provide backup electricity supplies during power outages. After charging for six hours with

the unit's solar PV panel, the company claims that the Solar Power Pack can run a laptop computer for three hours, or its own light for 14 hours.

"The Solar Power Pack is a personal solar power utility, designed to be operated and transported by a single person," stated Toby Kinkaid, founder and CEO for Solardyne Corp.

"In a single package, users have everything necessary to provide both power and light when they are out in the field without access to traditional electricity."

The unit's solar panel is designed to last 20 years. The battery lasts for 600 charge cycles, which equals about two years if the system were used daily. Once spent, the battery can be replaced and recycled. The unit sells for $549 on the Solardyne website.