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SoftSwitching Technologies Introduces the Dynamic Sag Corrector

May 28, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

SoftSwitching Technologies (Green Bay, WI) has developed the Dynamic Sag Corrector (DySC) to protect demanding industrial and commercial processes such as semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunications, plastics, and automotive and factory automation from the dominant power-quality problems of deep voltage sags and momentary loss of power.

Short-duration power glitches of less than a quarter of a second in utility voltage are the dominant power-quality problems, occurring 20 to 30 times per year and representing over 92 percent of the events on a power system. Modern electronic equipment and processes tend to be most sensitive to these short-duration glitches. Existing power-quality solutions, including UPS systems and standby generators, are built around the old paradigm -- protection against extended outages of 15 seconds to one hour, which occur two to three times per year -- and are not well suited to protect against shorter and more frequent events.

The DySC, however, provides a firewall to protect critical equipment and processes from poor-quality electric power resulting from voltage sags and momentary losses of power. While also able to handle a variety of loads, the DySC is able to realize an unprecedented advantage in size, efficiency, product life and cost by utilizing energy from the line itself during voltage sag, eliminating low frequency transformers.

A labeling agreement with Square D (Paris) has gone into effect for the DySC. Square D will offer the DySC product under the name Electronic Sag Protector through their extensive North American sales and distribution network. Square D will be showcasing the product to semiconductor chip manufacturers and microelectronic tool OEMs such as Intel, Motorola, LAM Research and Applied Materials at the SEMICON West show in San Francisco in early July and the PQ2000 show in Boston in October.