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Semikron to Present its Latest Power Modules for Traction, Renewables and Drives

April 23, 2019 by Paul Shepard

During the upcoming PCIM Europe trade fair, Semikron will be demonstrating a variety of power modules for high-power applications. The company will also present its generation 7 IGBTs that have been specifically optimized to match the requirements of motor drives and modules with integrated SiC Schottky diodes to maximize efficiency.

In addition to motor drives, Semikron will address the needs of solar string inverters, 3-level topologies for wind turbines, EV chargers, and a compact MOSFET inverter platform for vehicle batteries, and more.

IGBT Generation 7 The new benchmark for Motor Drives

The generation 7 IGBTs represent the latest IGBT chip technology. This new generation is specifically designed to match the requirements of motor drive applications. The IGBTs come with a significantly lower forward voltage drop and deliver optimized switching performance. Thanks to roughly 25% smaller chips, higher nominal currents can fit into existing power module packages. In application, the IGBT 7 provides reduced power losses or increased maximum output power and power density. This translates into lower system costs.

As to motor drives, the generation 7 IGBT will initially be introduced into conventional drive topologies: CIB (Converter-Inverter-Brake), sixpack and half-bridge configurations. For low and medium power drives, MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP E1/E2 are the first available choice. For higher power classes IGBT 7 is available in SEMiX 3 press-fit and SEMiX 6 press-fit. More power modules are to follow.

Up to 180kW for Solar String Inverters

Semikron offers a broad portfolio of 3-level modules, the latest addition being the MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI. The new module increases the nominal current to 400A in 1200V and 950V devices and comes with the option of SiC Schottky diodes in the neutral path for maximum efficiency. This new module allows for baseplate-less, PCB-mounted inverter designs with benchmarking power density of up to 180kW for 1500Vdc photovoltaic systems. The benefits of the MiniSKiiP Dual's SPRiNG contact layout are low-inductance dc-link designs, easy driver integration and parallel ac power connections.

3-Level Topologies for Wind Turbines

In any new wind turbine developments, the primary objective is to reduce the cost of energy as well as to increase the output power. But this can't happen without new technologies. One solution is to increase the voltage up to the 1000Vac (1500Vdc) Low-Voltage Directive limit. Semikron's SEMITRANS 10 MLI is a 3-level NPC module that meets the needs of wind energy converters perfectly. Using 3-level topologies helps cut converter losses by 50 percent, lowering filter costs by some 30 percent. Besides lower converter losses, cable losses or diameters can also be reduced by around 30 percent.

High Power and Outstanding Reliability for EV Charger

One of the main requirements for the widespread use of electric vehicles is having an accessible EV charging infrastructure. Governments and industries worldwide are preparing to invest in the charging infrastructure. The critical points in the product decision are costs, power and reliability. Semikron offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that meet the needs of fast charge equipment from as little as 22kW right up to 450kW. The new 50kW PowerCell enables companies to market DC fast chargers using an existing power electronics platform. Availability, efficiency and reliability guarantees fast time to market and low upfront investment costs. In combination with a secure supply chain and a modular design, the PowerCell plays a vital role in the successful deployment of your dc fast chargers.

Compact MOSFET Inverter Platform for Battery Vehicles

SKAI 3 LV is the 3rd generation of industrial MOSFET inverters for material handling and battery powered vehicles with more than 1.5 million MOSFET inverters in the field. The 3rd generation is a platform concept for standard inverter designs or customized designs tailored to the customer's needs. The inverter connects easily to the customer control board, facilitating quick and easy design while leaving control to the customer.

The High-Power Standard in Traction, Renewables and Drives

The SEMITRANS 20 overcomes the limits of conventional module concepts and provides a new design approach for inverters used in applications such as traction, industrial drives and grid infrastructure. Optimized for the traction and medium-voltage market, the SEMITRANS 20 is designed as a half-bridge configuration featuring a built-in temperature sensor and opposite dc and ac power terminals. Compared to conventional modules, the stray inductance is as much as 75% lower, providing greater operational safety and facilitating paralleling.

The service life of the new SEMITRANS 20 traction module is up to 3 times longer than that of conventional traction modules. This is achieved through the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as sintered chips and AlCu Bond wires. The standardized package meets the increasing demands for lower costs, greater efficiency and durability for power electronics in industry, transportation and infrastructure.