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ROHM’s Four New 600V IGBT Intelligent Power Modules Reduce Power Losses

May 10, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new lineup offers reduced power losses, while simultaneously achieving a lower level of radiated noise.


The members of the BM6437x series are ROHM’s new series of IPMs, devices that integrate insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and their necessary drivers all in one package

The BM6437x series. Image courtesy of ROHM
The BM6437x series. Image courtesy of ROHM


ROHM’s new series of IPMs are able to reduce radiated noise by over 6dB when compared to competitive devices. This is achieved through the utilization of the properties of the IGBTs and to the soft recovery characteristics of the internal FRD (Fast Recovery Diode). Simultaneously, thanks to the low-loss characteristics of the IGBTs adopted for the BM6437x series, these IPMs also consume 6% less power (at fc = 15 kHz) than is required by ROHM’s conventional IPM products  


3-Phase DC/DC Inverters

The four units are 3-Phase DC/AC inverters aimed largely at motor control. The 600-volt devices are all recommended to switch at ≈20 kHz. 

The isolation voltage 1500 VRMS. This is for a 60 Hz AC signal for one minute between the pins and the heat sink plate.

A typical application is illustrated below.


Motor control application circuit. Image courtesy of BM64374S-VA Datasheet
Motor control application circuit. Image courtesy of BM64374S-VA Datasheet


The four individual devices that comprise the series are:


Choosing any of the above link takes the reader to a product page that lists the four new IPMs as well as similar units. It is ROHM’s plan to expand its IPM offering to encompass the automotive arena


Gate Drivers

High Side IGBT Gate Driver(HVIC):

  • High voltage level shifting circuit drives high side IGBT.
  • A built-in bootstrap diode and a current limit function for the bootstrap diode enable the HVIC to drive high-side IGBT with no need for auxiliary components like an external resistor or an external bootstrap diode. 
  • The devices feature under-voltage-locked-out (UVLO) protection

Low Side IGBT Gate Driver(LVIC):

  • The low-side IGBT is driven by the LVIC
  • Protections include short circuit current protection (SCP), control supply under-voltage locked out (UVLO), thermal shutdown (TSD), 
  • Temperature is reading is transmitted via an analog signal (VOT) 

Fault signaling (LVIC) corresponds to:


  • Short circuit (SCP)
  • Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)


Temperature Monitoring Accuracy

While standard temperature monitoring accuracy is only ±5%,  the BM6437x series achieves ±2%. This figure, the equivalent to 2°C at 90°C, is equal to what’s doable with a thermistor. This makes it possible to eliminate an external thermistor in finished products, saving space, time and money for OEMs.


Electrical Specifications

  • Input interface is 3.3, 5 volts
  • Forward reverse recovery time is typically 100ns.
  • Bootstrap diode’s maximum reverse voltage is 600 volts



  • Compact industrial equipment
  • Small capacity motors for robots
  • Air conditioners
  • Washing machines.


Physical Considerations

  • Members of the series are available in 38.0 x 24.0 x 3.5 mm HSDIP25 packages
  • Recommended allowable junction temperature range is from -25 to +150°C 


Regulatory and Safety

UL Recognized: UL1557 File E468261 



Conforms to RoHS