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Rohm Releases Web Simulation Tool for Complete Circuit Verification

April 10, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

The ROHM Solution Simulator will allow electronic circuits engineers and systems designers in the industrial and automotive markets to verify power devices and ICs on 44 different solution circuits.

ROHM’s new tool works via the SystemVision portfolio cloud environment developed by Siemens-owned Mentor, a program focusing on solutions for the design and development of electrical/electronic systems and integrated circuits (IC).


Image courtesy of ROHM Semiconductor. 


Simulating Power Technologies

Currently, 44 solution circuits are available in the ROHM Solution Simulator, and 19 are related to power-factor correction (PFC) applications for AC/DC converters

Of the remaining circuits included in the ROHM Solution Simulator 15 are for DC/DC Converter applications and 10 for DC/AC Inverter circuits.

In terms of the specific power devices simulated in the program, ROHM said there are 193 available. They include Silicon Carbide Electronics (SiC) products such as MOSFET, SBD, and Modules, as well as insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) devices, SJ MOSFET, and Si Diodes.

The ROHM Solution Simulator will also feature five integrated circuit gate driver products and ten IC switching regulators. 


Main Features

The new web-based electronic circuit simulator by ROHM has been designed to allow users to carry out a variety of simulations These would range from initial development tasks involving component selection and individual device verification to more advanced stages of development such as system-level verification.

Including peripheral circuit vision capabilities, the program would also enable users to perform simultaneous simulations of characteristics that cannot normally be seen with the device alone.


Image courtesy of ROHM Semiconductor. 


Due to its versatility and ability to reproduce simulation circuits scenarios close to actual conditions, the ROHM Solution Simulator would be suited to help engineers implement complete circuit verification of ROHM power devices and ICs quickly and more efficiently, thus significantly reducing the time of application development.

Together with the solution circuits mentioned above, ROHM will additionally provide a Solution EVK (Evaluation Kit) making it possible to evaluate the same circuit.


The SystemVision Cloud Platform

Since it was developed to work with the SystemVision Cloud (SVC) simulation platform from Mentor, ROHM’s new simulator will feature several collaborative functions.

Existing and new SVC users will be able to incorporate simulation data executed in ROHM Solution Simulator into their own SVC environment (workspace) to simultaneously perform verification of various system circuits.

”ROHM is committed to reducing customer development time and costs by providing a comprehensive online solution built using SystemVision, a multi-domain cloud-based platform,” said Darrell Teegarden, Product Manager for SystemVision Cloud at Mentor in a news release.


Future Developments

To foster collaboration and encourage users to explore its circuits’ options further, ROHM has made its Solution Simulator free, and anyone can download it by registering on the company’s website. ROHM is also providing a dedicated page with all the documentation needed to utilize the simulator.

The Semiconductor manufacturer said it will continue developments of its platform to contribute to reducing application development efforts. By the end of the year, ROHM will add to his Solution Simulator more circuits and products compatible Solutions EVKs (evaluation kits) capable of evaluating simulated circuits as-is.

Among the new products, the company said there will be an expanded range of applicable power supply and LED driver ICs, as well as models for thermal simulation.