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Robust Power Capacitors for the DC Link

November 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

TDK Corporation presents the new B2568 series of EPCOS MKP dc link power capacitors, which offer outstanding robustness under harsh environmental conditions. The new capacitors are designed for voltages of between 900- and 3000-Vdc and cover a capacitance range from 50- to 4000-µF.

As a result of their great robustness and the high rated voltages, these capacitors are particularly suitable for IGBT-based converters in traction applications, as well as medium-voltage drives.

Depending on type, the capacitors are dimensioned for currents of up to 100A. The ESL values range from 35- to 80-nH. Capacitors with ESL values of less than 20nH are available upon request.

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Thanks to the polyurethane filling, the windings have a high mechanical stability within the hermetically-sealed can. The capacitors comply with climate class C and pass a THB test (temperature, humidity, bias) at 85°C, 85 percent relative humidity with a rated voltage applied for 1000 hours.

Condensation up to a certain level on the capacitors during operation is also permissible. In addition, the new power capacitors meet all requirements concerning fire protection in rail vehicles according to EN 45545.

Main features and benefits

  • Voltage range from 900- to 3000-Vdc
  • Capacitances from 50- to 4000-µF
  • Hermetically-sealed design
  • Fire protection according to EN 45545