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Proton-Electrotex Visits the Official Distributor in Japan

January 09, 2019 by Proton-Electrotex

Proton-Electrotex paid a visit to Japan kindly assisted by the Eich Corporation, the official representative of the company in the region.

At the end of November, Proton-Electrotex paid a visit to Japan kindly assisted by the Eich Corporation, the official representative of the company in the region. The main goals of the trip were negotiations with existing and potential customers, as well as presenting the company's newest products.

More than twenty productive meetings were held with managers and technical teams of the largest manufacturers in Japan’s electronics industry, engaged in producing robotic welding systems, railway converter equipment, induction heating, and melting systems, and other electrical equipment. The negotiations were aimed to promote further development of Proton-Electrotex in the Japanese market, where the company has been present since 2010, supplying its products through the official distributor Eich Corporation.

In their presentations delegates of Proton-Electrotex also focused on the newly released new products, including:

  • Full-SiC MOSFET module 500A / 1200V in a low-inductance package, designed for use in electric vehicles;
  • a family of DC-AC inverters for electric vehicles;
  • press-pack disc IGBTs used in converters for railway transport and energy transmission systems;
  • a line of drivers for mid-power IGBT and SiC MOSFET modules, enabling the customers to purchase power semiconductor devices complete with drivers.

The meetings were also a great opportunity to discuss joint development of power units based on thyristors and diodes manufactured by Proton-Electrotex, as well as development and manufacturing of IGBT cells for induction furnaces.

Thanks to these 5 days of fruitful work, Japanese partners got an insight into the products and approaches of Proton-Electrotex. The companies approved a strategy to promote sales and communication with clients in the Japanese market. As for Proton-Electrotex, our company is very grateful to the Eich Corporation and its president Osama Ogawa for the excellent organization of the negotiations, business-like approach to resolving any issues and great hospitality.

About Proton-Electrotex

Proton-Electrotex is one of the Russian leaders in the design and manufacture of power semiconductor diodes, thyristors, modules, coolers, IGBTs (IGBTs), as well as power units for use in various electric energy converters. The company was founded and began production in 1996 on the leased premises of the Proton plant. Since then, Proton-Electrotex has developed its own infrastructure for the entire production cycle. Production is equipped with modern production lines, measuring equipment of our own production and areas for “clean technologies” with full compliance with the requirements for electronic products and microelectronics.