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Power Integrations Introduces IGBT Gate Drivers Featuring up to Six MAGs

September 14, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The gate drivers separately target the popular multiple parallel EconoDual module or the “New Dual” 100 mm x 140 mm IGBT modules.

Power Integrations’ New SCALE-iFlex LT Plug-and-Play Gate Driver improves EconoDUAL IGBT Module Performance by 20% and is intended for challenging, 3 to 5 MW applications such as offshore wind turbines. Up to 6 module adapter drivers (MAGs) are supported. The SCALE-iFlex Single gate-driver features a single isolated master controller (IMC), and a MAG, with the latter optimized for different power modules.


SCALE-iFlex LT Dual Gate Drivers

Power Integrations’ plug-and-play SCALE-iFlex LT dual gate-drivers improve the performance of multiple parallel Infineon EconoDUAL IGBT modules by 20%, allowing users to eliminate one of every six modules from power inverters and converter stacks. This family of devices consists of a central Isolated Master Control (IMC) along with the Module Adapted Gate Drivers (MAGs) bundled with the necessary cabling.

Scale-iFlex LT Drivers are applicable in wind turbine applications in the 3MW to 5MW range. Image courtesy of Power Integrations

As illustrated above, as many as six EconoDUAL 3 power modules (or equivalent power modules) can be paralleled from the same driver bundle. The MAG unit itself fits into the footprint of the EconoDUAL module. Each MAG includes two SCALE-2 ASICs, one per channel, which serves to optimize symmetrical paralleling, efficiency, and protection.

As described by Thorsten Schmidt, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, “Dynamic and static current sharing is critical for robust operation of modules arranged in parallel. For the same power output, systems using SCALE-iFlex LT require just five parallel modules whereas competitive approaches need six. This substantial saving of cost and complexity is achieved by guaranteeing less than 20 ns of variance in turn-on and turn-off commands between modules and less than 20 A of variance between modules when conducting the rated 600 A. This allows the modules to operate reliably without current derating, which is obligatory with less advanced driver solutions.”


SCALE-iFlex Single Gate-Drivers

Power Integrations SCALE-iFlex Single Gate-Drivers are aimed at today’s popular “New Dual” 100 mm x 140 mm IGBT modules. These drivers support IGBT modules of up to 3.3kV. They are suitable for applications requiring compact, robust drivers, such as renewable energy and light rail.

SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers are well suited for light-rail and renewable energy generation applications that demand rugged, compact drivers. Image courtesy of Power Integrations.

As per Thorsten Schmidt “SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers fit the outline of the latest standard IGBT power modules including the Mitsubishi LV100/HV100, Infineon xHP2, and xHP3, ABB LinPak, Hitachi nHPD², and other similar products.”

SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers employ Power Integrations’ SCALE-2 ASIC technology, which integrates onto the one chip advanced Active Clamping (AAC), over-voltage protection during (OVP), and protection from short-circuit during turn-on. Having this level of functionality on-board serves to reduce overall system BOM.

The conformally coated units feature reinforced isolation, and isolated housings ensure isolation even when modules are mounted side-by-side.

Railway standards adhered to by SCALE-iFlex Single gate-drivers:

  • IEC 61373 – Class 1B (shock & vibration)
  • IEC 61000-4-x (EMC tests)
  • IEC 60068-2-x (serial environmental tests)