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NPC Modules with Latest IGBT Chip Tech for up to 120kVA

January 10, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Vincotech today announced the launch of new neutral-point-clamped power modules featuring the latest IGBT technology for three-phase solar, UPS and ESS applications. Engineered to address the key challenges of high efficiency, low weight and small size, these flowNPC 2 modules outperform standard products.

Rated for 650V / 200A and 300A, they are able to deliver switching frequencies up to 50kHz even without SiC technology. When Si components are used, the best performance starts above 8 to 10 kHz.

As cost comparisons show, these NPC modules offer 10% savings over MNPC modules rated for the same current.

They are packaged in the low-inductive, 13 mm flow 2 housing and available with Press-fit and solder pins, without adding any non-recurring engineering costs to the bottom line. Samples of these ultra-efficient flowNPC 2s may be sourced on demand from Vincotech’s distributors.