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New Emerson Network Power Power Supply Features DC Input for Co-location Centers

September 29, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

A new high efficiency dc-input power supply designed specifically for the co-location market has been announced by Emerson Network Power. The DS460SDC-3 is a compact 460W bulk front-end power supply that can achieve a high typical conversion efficiency of 90 percent at 50 percent full load. It is well suited for systems that use distributed power architectures, especially in computing, storage, networking and datacom, providing co-location centers with a very flexible means of addressing their evolving power needs.

"The server co-location market is growing rapidly with many companies offering customers in the IT and datacom industries the physical space to house their own hardware, while themselves simply providing the basic infrastructure, such as power, air conditioning, network connections, and security on a commercial basis," said Chris Jones, Director of Marketing for the Embedded Power business of Emerson Network Power. "There are several market trends which directly impact system designers’ choice of power supplies. Other than in the telecoms sector, most equipment in server type co-location systems has traditionally operated from ac distribution networks, but this has changed recently to the point where up to 50 percent of systems are also now required to operate from battery-backed dc supplies. In addition, there is an increasing trend to mix ac- and dc-input power supplies in the same rack, demanding that the supplies exhibit a high degree of physical and electrical conformity."

The DS460SDC-3 is pin-for-pin compatible with Emerson Network Power’s ac-input DS460S-3 bulk power supply, enabling users to switch easily from an ac to a dc supply infrastructure. Housed in a compact, plug-in, rack-mount module with a 1 x 2U form factor, the DS460SDC-3 has a length of just 7.75 inches (197 mm), making it well suited for applications where rack depth is limited.

The Emerson Network Power DS460SDC-3 features a wide 40 to 72Vdc input that accommodates all standard 48V battery back-up schemes, and has a maximum inrush current of 50A. It generates a main payload output of 12.3Vdc, capable of delivering up to 36A continuously, and also produces an auxiliary ’always on’ 12Vdc output for powering housekeeping and standby circuitry, which can supply up to 2.3A. The provision of 12V for housekeeping is another industry trend – it provides a more efficient and flexible source for the user compared to the 3.3 or 5V output of earlier-generation models. The power supply has a turn-on delay of less than 2 seconds, and the main output rises monotonically in less than 50ms.

The DS460SDC-3 is digitally programmable via an I2C interface and uses the industry-standard PMBus(tm) communications protocol. The power supply is designed specifically for high availability applications. It is hot pluggable, and has a built-in EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) which is pre-programmed with data about the unit - including its type, serial number and date of manufacture - to facilitate fast and easy field replacement and inventory management. The power supply also features active current sharing and supports N+1 redundancy operation.

Emerson Network Power’s DS460SDC-3 power supply fully complies with FCC subpart J and EN55022 Class B standards for conducted and radiated EMI, meets all applicable parts of EMC standard EN61000-4 for electromagnetic susceptibility and input transients, and holds safety certifications from UL/uCL, NEMKO, CB and CE.

The DS460SDC-3 power supply has an operating temperature range of -10 to 50°C and features a built-in cooling fan with automatic speed control; forward and reversed airflow versions are available to simplify integration with the rack’s cooling layout. The power supply is comprehensively protected against overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature conditions. The overcurrent trip point is programmable from 120 to 150 percent of the rated output current, with automatic recovery, and the overvoltage protection applies to both the main and auxiliary outputs.

The DS460SDC-3 has a very high MTBF (mean time between failures) of 500,000 hours at full load and 50° ambient operating temperature.

The Emerson Network Power DS460SDC-3 is available at the price of $190 per unit in production quantities and samples are available now.