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Multiquip Showcases H2G EarthSmart Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powered Generator

October 01, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Multiquip has unveiled a prototype of the MQ H2G EarthSmart™ Hydrogen fuel-cell powered Generator (H2G). As the industry's first mobile hydrogen fuel cell-powered generator, the H2G is environmentally-friendly, pollution-free and does not produce particulate emission. Because the machine does not use fossil fuel sources, no combustion occurs in the process, making it safer for use in any environment, indoors or out. The generator operates cleanly with zero emissions and can be operated inside and for tunnel/underground applications.

"Multiquip is leading the way in utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology," said Torsten Erbel, vice president product management, engineering and customer support for Multiquip. "Building on the technological momentum of the award-winning H2LT light tower, we are anticipating strong results for the H2G, which was designed to make a significant environmental contribution. With just one unit, we are able to displace 900 gallons of diesel fuel per year, and eliminate 9.1 metric tons per year of CO2. Using the Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation Model (GREET) model, we achieve a 73 percent greenhouse gas savings using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels."

Ideal for multiple industries, the ultra-efficient H2G can be operated for up to 26 hours at full load and is extremely quiet -- boasting a low noise level of 44 decibels at 23 feet. It is exceptionally reliable and requires low to minimal maintenance because there are virtually no moving parts (only one fan with meantime between failures of 40,000 hours), and no fuel to spill.