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MRV Communications Adds New Sensor Manager Platform

June 20, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

MRV Communications, Inc. announced the LX 7304 Sensor Manager platform, which further expands MRV’s out-of-band networking solutions for telecommunication service providers and carriers.

The LX 7304 Sensor Manager is a modular, four-slot chassis well-suited for wireless network sites, remote telecom locations, manufacturing facilities and data centers where space, power and remote management are key issues. When deployed at unstaffed facilities that require lights-out management, the LX 7304 can be used to alert technical staff to everything from a door opening, to power outages, to fuel levels in a back-up power generator and can manage up to 128 alarm ports supporting both wet and dry contacts, analog sensors, and control outputs.

The device provides access to locally attached devices via RS-232, Ethernet and/or V.92 modem connections. In addition to the unit’s sensor and alarm management capabilities, the LX 7304 provides remote network connectivity to serially attached devices such as switches, routers and servers. The device also provides intelligent power management to monitor power utilization, enabledisable outlets, or to reboot remote devices. Leveraging the what the company claims are the industry leading software features of the LX Series console servers, a number of security mechanisms including RADIUS, SecurID, TACACS+, SSHv2, SNMPv3, and SSL are supported ensuring secure communications from any location.

Utilizing MRV’s Trigger/Action capability, the LX 7304 is able to notify network administrators via cell phone (SMS), pager and/or SNMP traps. In addition to notifications, automated actions can be configured to activate devices such as relays, generators, lights, sirens, etc., in response to any triggering event from an attached sensor device. These actions can be used to enable additional heatingcooling, surveillance cameras, backup generators and/or other alarm systems.

The LX 7304 is available with redundant ac or dc power. The supported option modules provide 32 ports of sensor inputs, 8 ports of control output, or 8 ports of analog loop connectivity. NEBS Level 3 Certification and RoHS compliance, along with a wide range of international certifications, allow the LX 7304 to be deployed in a wide range of applications.

The LX 7304 Sensor Managers are available immediately at prices starting at $3,745.