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Morningstar Adds New PV Controllers - SunGuard, SunSaver & SunLight

March 24, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Morningstar Corp. (Washington Crossing, PA) introduced new models in its trio of solar controller product lines, the SunGuard, SunSaver and SunLight. All of the models provide PWM battery charging.The SunGuard-4 is a SunSaver charging circuit in a less expensive package and rated for 4.5A. Housed in an ABS plastic case, the unit provides PWM battery charging using the same charging circuit as the SunSaver line. Lightning protected with 1500W transorbs, the SunGuard is rated for 25 percent overloads. The unit offers setpoint accuracy to 60mV and self-consumption of 6mA. The device is considered an ideal battery charger for single-module solar power systems, and is claimed to be well-suited for off-grid solar applications such as remote instrumentation, rural telephones, supervisory control and data acquisition, traffic signals and consumer uses. The SunGuard-4 is priced at $30.Six new models in Morningstar's SunSaver line have been introduced, including two 10A/24V models, one with low voltage disconnect (LVD), and one without. A 20A/12V unit and a 20A/24V unit, both with LVD, are also available. The 100 percent solid state SunSaver and SunGuard devices offer true 0-100 percent PWM duty cycle. The SunSaver units can be paralleled for 40A or more. The SunSaver controllers are intended for both professional and consumer applications. The new models are priced from $61 to $101.Morningstar's three new SunLight controllers combine the SunSaver design with a microcontroller for automatic lighting control functions. The new controllers are available in 10A/24V, 20A/12V and 20A/24V configurations. The units feature 10 field-adjustable lighting control options, special on/off/on functions, manual test capability and LVD override protection. The units include a SunSaver battery charging circuit and are suitable for all 12/24Vdc lamps. The new models are priced from $116 to $148.