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Mersen Releases a New Generation of NH Fuses

June 24, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

Quick installation, with focus on safety: Mersen (Euronext FR0000039620 – MRN) offers two versions of its new NH fuse switch disconnector series in size 000. The Multibloc ® 000.RST9 is being launched as a bus bar version for mounting on 60 mm bus bar systems, while the Multibloc® 000.ST9 is available in the mounting plate version with a width of only 53 mm. Multibloc ® 000 ideally meets the demand for small power distribution boards industrial and building applications, but also for industrial control applications such as drive, starter and motor protection.

Keeping a close eye on the market requirements

The new generation of the Multibloc ® size 000 from Mersen offers numerous advantages compared to the previous generation. To meet the requirements of customers, the 125A NH fuse switch disconnectors are not only designed for higher electrical power than the previous model.

Image courtesy of Mersen.

The products have also become safer: In closed position they can be locked with a padlock or sealed with a lead seal, which substantially increases the safety of the installation. The fuse switch disconnectors will also be available with an optional fuse monitoring module, which makes it possible to notify an external system via a digital output of the module when a fuse blows out. This fuse monitoring feature also makes maintenance more efficient. Micro switches for detecting when the switch door is opened are available for all versions. With an amperage of 125A, a short-circuit rating of 80kA and a low power loss, the new Multibloc ® 000 series from MERSEN is among the best in its class.

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