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Mersen Expands its Multivert Series

April 19, 2021 by Mersen

This article highlights Mersen vertical NH fuse switch disconnector as an addition to the successful Multivert® series.

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Image courtesy of Mersen
Image courtesy of Mersen


Saint Bonnet de Mure - Mersen presents a new vertical NH fuse switch disconnector as an addition to the successful Multivert® series. The Multivert i-Xtensio offers even more user convenience and adaptability while retaining all functions of existing fuse switch disconnectors from Mersen. It is designed for an increased installation depth of 150mm, features a user-friendly mounting solution for current transformers on the back and is available in two sizes – size 2, 400A and size 3, 630A.

The new product is suitable for power distribution in cable distribution cabinets, transformer substations and feeder pillars in commercial and industrial systems. The Multivert® i-Xtensio was designed to meet Mersen’s exceptionally high safety standards: Current transformer covers on the sides achieve IP20 protection against electric shock to ensure maximum safety during installation and servicing. Cables can be connected via bolts, insert nuts or V-terminals. Safe switching under load in accordance with IEC 60947-3 is ensured.

With the Multivert® i-Xtensio, Mersen now has 2 available designs on the market of NH Fuse Switch Disconnectors: space-saving standard compact design and i-Xtensio design, which is compatible with all installations systems and enables the easy integration of current transformers.

The new NH fuse switch disconnector is ideal for future IoT solutions, since it is fully compatible to Smart Modbus monitoring modules developed by Mersen, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative technical solutions.

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