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MEAN WELL Announces LRS Family Completed IECULEN62368 Safety Upgrade

November 26, 2019 by MEAN WELL

MEAN WELL Announces LRS Family Completed IEC/UL/EN62368 Safety Upgrade.

The industrial use enclosed type standard power supply LRS is a super product launched by MEAN WELL after many years of expertise in serving the industrial power sector. Since its debut in 2015, the LRS family soon revolutionized the standard power supply industry due to its multitudes of outstanding features, such as ultra-high cost-performance ratio, low profile design, 91.5% high efficiency, and low no-load power consumption (<0.2W~0.75W by model), etc. Furthermore, the LRS reached annual sales quantity of 10 million units, making it an all-purpose product suitable for all types of applications.

In addition to having complete functions and high performances, complete safety is another reason for LRS success. A considerable amount of monetary and human resources was invested in the LRS, so it currently has 8 different safety certificates (UL/TUV/CCC/RCM/EAC/BSMI/CB/CE), with additional coverage for different industries. As of December 2020, new ITE safety IEC/UL/EN62368 will replace IEC/UL/EN60950. In order to minimize the impact of the safety change to our customers, MEAN WELL has initiated the IEC/UL/EN62368 safety upgrade process for over 700 product series as early as 2018.

The LRS family has completed the IEC/UL/EN62368 safety upgrade in October 2019, which is one year before the enforced date. This will grant our customers sufficient time to complete system-level upgrades and prepare an inventory of upgraded models.
All standard LRS units manufactured after the Upgrade Date and Lot Number indicated below will be the upgraded 62368 version. MEAN WELL will fully absorb the costs incurred from this upgrade and will not increase the product price. If you have any questions regarding this engineering change, please check the updated product datasheet on the MEAN WELL public website or contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.



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