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MEAN WELL AND FEREKS Work Together to Illuminate Large Cities and Villages in Russia

December 23, 2019 by MEAN WELL

MEAN WELL AND FEREKS Work Together to Illuminate Large Cities and Villages in Russia.

In Russia's LED lighting field, Fereks is one of MEAN WELL's most important business partners. Fereks became familiar with MEAN WELL six years ago, during a bidding process. With cost-effective products and excellent service quality, MEAN WELL prevailed over other competitors and successfully won the bid for Fereks' orders.

Now, thanks to long-term trust, Fereks has used MEAN WELL’s drivers in more than 75% of its products. MEAN WELL also provides Fereks with a customized solution without worries. Together with Fereks' instant feedback on the application, this makes each other's products more trustworthy and also enhances each other’s brand images.

Founded in 2001, Fereks is one of the largest manufacturers of LED luminaires in Russia. Fereks strives for 90% localization of production and has two “Design and Engineering departments” to respond immediately to customers’ needs. Fereks illuminate large cities and villages, and you can find their products in stadiums, agro-industrial complexes, highways, shopping malls, and business centers.



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