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Magnetic Field Sensor with Large Dynamic Range

October 03, 2017 by Paul Shepard

At Sensors Midwest 2017, MultiDimension Technology (MDT) announced a new Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor TMR2105. Featuring a large dynamic range at 1000 Oe and an ultra-compact 2x1.5mm LGA package, TMR2105 is a general-purpose linear magnetic field sensor designed for a large diversity of applications, including linear and rotary position measurement, proximity switches, and current sensors.

"MDT's TMR2105 overcomes a key limitation of Magnetoresistance devices including AMR (Anisotropic Magnetoresistance), GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance) and TMR sensors by extending the operating dynamic range to 1000 Oe. This important breakthrough makes TMR sensors suitable for applications that had favored Hall Effect sensors due to strong magnetic field exposure.

“With MDT's patented TMR technology, we have achieved the industry's best records on highest sensitivity, lowest noise, lowest active-mode power consumption, and largest dynamic range. Our unique expertise can realize a comprehensive range of design options, therefore being competent in satisfying the most demanding requirements by delivering the most suitable products to our customers," said Dr. Song Xue, founder and CEO of MultiDimension Technology.

MDT is a leading supplier of TMR sensors with advanced manufacturing facilities and a strong IP portfolio. MDT's TMR sensors feature a number of outstanding performance benefits, including ultra-low power, ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low noise, large dynamic range, and excellent thermal stability, which compliment limitations of present magnetic sensor technologies including Hall Effect, AMR, and GMR. They are suited for a variety of industrial, consumer and medical sensor applications.

Features of MDT's TMR Sensors:

  • TMR switch sensors: 1microampere ultra-low power in high-speed, industry's highest switching sensitivity (TMR1309), designed for battery-powered flow meters and portable devices;
  • TMR linear sensors: from the industry's highest sensitivity and picoTesla noise (TMR9001) to 1000 Oe dynamic range (TMR2105), for magnetic field measurement, current sensing, non-destructive testing (NDT), and medical applications;
  • TMR magnetic image sensors: high-sensitivity 1/2/3/6/9/12/18-channel magnetic banknote readers for financial anti-counterfeit applications;
  • TMR angle sensors: 360-degree measurement with high-amplitude output in 1000 Oe operating range, for rotary position sensing;
  • TMR gear tooth sensors: small pitch detection with multiple pitch configurations, for linear or rotary position/speed sensing.