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Macroblock Releases Constant Current DC-DC Buck Converter For LED Lighting

June 09, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Macroblock released a 1.2A constant current buck dc-dc converter – the MBI6650 – that integrates the hysteretic PFM control technique, which is said to enhance power efficiency up to 93% and extend the life time of the LED.

Macroblock’s new LED technology – Hysteretic Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) control scheme – is said to bring high efficiency power at a wide range of loading conditions. According to the company, compared to traditional PWM methods, the power efficiency reaches 60% at light loading. The Hysteretic PFM control scheme is said to not only strengthen system stability, but upgrades the efficiency up to 85% at light loading and 90% at heavy loading.

By combining the features of adaptive output switching frequency and audio frequency skip, both higher current and frequency can be reached as well as avoiding the noise interruption when the MBI6650 is activated. The internal high-side current limit of the control scheme also permits customers to choose a smaller size resistor with lower power consumption, which is said to bring space-saving and increased cost effectiveness.

With only 4 configured extra SMD components, the MBI6650 has an even smaller PCB layout areath. It also can operate under an input voltage range of 9 to 30V for high power LED applications. Furthermore, the MBI6650’s thermal protection function with the temperature limit of 140°C prevents the drivers from overheating. Besides, UVLO, open-circuit and short-circuit protection functions are well-equipped to ensure the safety of the lighting system. The MBI6650 is suitable for decorative lighting such as the MR16, a high power LED lighting and constant current source.