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MacMic High Speed IGBT Modules Help to Improve the Efficiency of High Power High Frequency Applications

October 13, 2016 by MacMic

MacMic “HN” series 1200V IGBT modules, using the latest generation of Infineon high-speed IGBT chip, is one of the few high-speed IGBT modules in the

MacMic “HN” series 1200V IGBT modules, using the latest generation of Infineon high-speed IGBT chip, is one of the few high-speed IGBT modules in the market today. With the appropriate packaging design, the “HN” module series is available to the customer in many current ratings, ranging from 50A to 800A.  All of customers who have used the “HN” module are pleased to confirm that the product can truly increase the overall system efficiency.

As an emerging and leading power electronic semiconductor manufacturer, MacMic found that there are only a few types of high-speed IGBT power modules available in the market today, most of which are released 10 years ago or even earlier. The less selectable is attributed mainly to the result that high power switching system operating in the 20 ~ 200 KHz is not a common application. Most of IGBT module companies therefore have less intention to develop new product for the high speed demands. Seeing this niche opportunity, MacMic decided to adopt Infineon’s “HS3” high-speed IGBT chip, and designed it into high-power module products. 

In comparison to the other traditional high-speed IGBT modules, MacMic “HN” series 1200V IGBT modules are highlighted with the following features:

  • Embed the latest Trench-Field-Stop technology IGBT chip, Tj up to 175°C
  • Lower Vce voltage helps to decrease more than 30% Conduction Loss
  • Suitable for 20~200 Khz high power high frequency applications with less EMI noise 
  • Higher power density enables customer to implement more compact system design
  • The least total loss IGBT module available in the market today

"The “HN” series of high-speed IGBT modules is the only module product in the industry made by the Trench-Field-Stop IGBT chip which is generally packaged into discrete product form.  The end users must parallel multiple discrete devices in order to obtain high power rating for their circuit design. This cumbersome process adds extra assembly works and lowers the system reliability. MacMic high-speed IGBT modules have successfully helped customers to simplify their designs while increasing the operation efficiency of their systems." said Kent Feng, Sales VP of Efficient International Technology, who is also in charge of MacMic International Business Office. 

Commonly seen high power high frequency applications include High Frequency Induction Heating, Inverter Type Welding Machine, Renewable Energy Inverter, High Frequency UPS, and High-Performance EV Charging Station, and so on.  To fit these applications, the popular specification of the 1200V “HN” IGBT series are 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 400A Half-Bridge Module, and 300A, 400A, 800A Single Unit Module. 


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