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Lipers Announces New UWA M Series MLCCs

June 20, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Lipers Ent. Co. Ltd. (Taiwan) announced its new UWA M Series-1 of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), which feature rated voltages ranging from 6.3 V to 50 V, and capacitances up to 0.1 mF. Available in footprints of 0201 (0603) to 2220 (5750), the X5R/X7R model has a rated capacitance of 0.1 nF to 0.1 mF and a tolerance of ±10%.

The Y5 V model comes in footprints of 0402 (1005) to 2220 (5750), and has capacitances ranging from 2.2 nF to 0.1 mF with a tolerance of -20%. Rated at 16 V to 50 V, the NP0 (C0G) model comes in footprints ranging from 0201 (0603) to 1206 (3216), and has a capacitance of 1 nF and a tolerance of ±0.1 pF.