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Linear Systems Re-Launches DMOS Product Line Acquired from Siliconix

April 03, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Linear Systems announced the re-release of the SD-Series lateral DMOS switch product line acquired from Vishay/Siliconix in 2001.  Built using the industry-leading proprietary DMOS process developed by Siliconix and transferred to Linear Systems, the SD-series uses lateral construction to achieve low capacitance and ultra-fast switching speeds (1ns max).

"Our lateral DMOS products continue the tradition established by Siliconix with its design and production of these devices," Linear Systems President Tim McCune said.  "The DMOS parts we produce meet every specification established by Vishay/Siliconix when they made them. The customers who relied on Siliconix for these parts transitioned smoothly to using ours, and we've welcomed many new customers since then."

These lateral DMOS switches are key components in a variety of high-performance analog circuits where ultra-fast, nano-second switching times are critical. Linear Systems is the only company to build these lateral DMOS parts using Siliconix' proprietary polysilicon gate technology and is the only Vishay/Siliconix-approved replacement manufacturer.  This fabrication process is key to the unique combination of speed and reliability of these parts.

Linear Systems in 2001 reached an agreement with Vishay/Siliconix to produce these lateral DMOS parts after Vishay decided to exit that business.  Under that agreement, LIS received mask sets, and process and technical information for the SD210, SD214, SST211, SST213, SST215, SD5000, SD5001, SD5400, and SD5401 product families from Siliconix. These parts are available in thru-hole, surface mount, die, ROHS, and Non-ROHS (Lead) for medical and military applications. Special testing is also available.

"This line of lateral DMOS has been critical to a large number of high-end product developers, and it was important to Vishay that these customers not be forced to design these parts out, or use inferior ones," McCune said.

McCune noted Linear Systems' lateral DMOS parts are used in a wide variety of military applications that require Non-ROHS parts as well as civilian applications. "The key performance parameters – switching time, low capacitance– are important in all applications," he said.