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Lambda Electronics Announces New Z-Up Series Output-Switching Power Supplies

September 07, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Lambda Electronics Inc.(San Diego, CA) introduced their new Z-up Series wide range, output-switching power supplies, which are designed for laboratory performance while providing typical users with accurate voltage and current programming stability when interfacing their equipment with the power supply.

The Z-up Series is power-factor corrected and operates continuously from a worldwide ac voltage range of 85Vac to 265Vac. Output voltage and current are continuously displayed and LED indicators show the complete operating status of the power supply.

Available in 200W, 400W and 800W packages, the Z-up Series provides output voltage ranges from 0V to 6V up to 0V to 60V and output current ranges from 0A to 3.5A up to 0A to 132A. Other features include low ripple and noise; an up-programming response time of 50mS at 0 to 100 percent load; and over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current and foldback-output protections. External controls include a digital voltmeter, a digital ampermeter, address setting, over-voltage/under-voltage setting, voltage/current-mode control, local/remote select, foldback-protection control, output on/off control, an alarm and a voltage/current/OVP/UVP/address adjust.

"The Z-up Series provides versatility in its ability to be configured into a programmable power system of up to 31dc outputs using the built-in RS232 or RS485 communication ports in the power supply," said Lambda Product Manager Dorrel Vernon. "The versatile Z-up Series bench-power supplies are capable of being connected directly to a computer interface through the standard built-in ports or via an optional GPIB interface. Additionally, units of the same output voltage and current rating can be paralleled in a master-slave configuration with automatic current sharing for high-power requirements."

The Z-up Series is contained in a compact, lightweight package that allows for easy installation and space-saving benefits in the application equipment. The 200W and 400W models measure 70 x 124 x 350mm, while the 800W models measure 140 x 124 x 350mm. Typical pricing for the Z-up Series begins at $860 each in OEM quantities (200W models) with all models available immediately.