New Industry Products

IXYS Intros CBI 2 Series

August 15, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) introduced a new addition to its Converter-Brake-Inverter (CBI) module family of products. The new CBI 2 Series consists of 10 new modules designed for line voltages from 110V to 440Vrms. According to IXYS, the package is mechanically and pin compatible with other integrated power packages. The converter section uses 1200V to 1600V semi-fast, planar glass passivated rectifier diodes with a peak reverse recovery current of less than 20 percent of conventional rectifier diodes, according to IXYS. With shortened commutation notches in the input lines, the semi-fast diodes are claimed to significantly reduce EMI. The IGBT inverter stage consists of six NPT-IGBTs, with breakdown voltages and current ratings from 10A-50A/600V and 10A-35A/1200V at Tc=80 degrees C, respectively. A brake transistor with rated current of 10-25A at Tc=80 degrees C is built in. The package has a solid copper base plate. The new CBI 2 module range is designed for ac drives between 1kW up to approximately 7.5kW. Pricing for the 600V rated CBI 2 modules ranges from $38.09 for the 10A type to $107 at the 50A output level, in quantities of 100. Prices for the 1200V rated IGBT modules range from $44.26 at 10A to $85.64 at the 35A level, in quantities of 100.