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IXYS Adds New Line of High Current, Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETs

March 11, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. announced the release of a new line of High Current Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETs in versions ranging from 55 to 100V, featuring extremely low power dissipation and ultra-low Rds(on). The new family of Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETs is a part of IXYS product line aimed at high power, low voltage power conversion applications.

The new IXYS High Current Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETs capitalize on the benefits of proprietary ISOPLUS packaging technology, in this case the ISOPLUS i5-Pak. IXYS Mid-Voltage MOSFETs provide for very low conduction and switching losses, and are avalanche rated for hard-switching applications. The principal feature of this set of i5-Pak MOSFETs arises from the joining of two IXYS Mid-Voltage MOSFETs with the reliable, high power handling capability of IXYS discrete ISOPLUS i5-Pak. The company claims that silicon current handling has outpaced the ability of most traditional discrete packaging, which typically limits steady state current to 75A. The ISOPLUS i5-Pak is used to full effect in this instance by combining its isolation, thermal and power cycling capabilities and flexible configuration. In this case, the ISOPLUS i5-Pak is equipped with 5 heavy-gage leads to provide a dual die, common-gate configuration with joined copper webs and backside heat sinking, all of which conservatively improve the package rating to 150A for the two dice.

All IXYS ISOPLUS packages are manufactured with internal direct-copper-bonded (DCB) isolation, are UL certified and provide integral backside case isolation. The IXTL2x240N055T (rated at 55V, Rds(on) of 0.0044Ω with an Isolated Rth(jc) of 1.0K/W) and IXTL2x180N10T (rated at 100V, Rds(on) of 0.0074Ω with an Isolated Rth(jc) of 1.0K/W) are just some examples of High Current ISOPLUS i5-Pak Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETs. IXYS ISOPLUS packages are intended to provide high isolation capability (up to 2500V), improve creepage distance and dramatically reduce total thermal resistance. Additionally, the ceramic alumina substrates used are also claimed to dramatically enhance device reliability due to their superior thermal and power cycling. The DCB can be patterned like a printed circuit board, which enables the unique integration capabilities of IXYS ISOPLUS packages. Kunze high performance phase change materials can be used to further enhance ISOPLUS package thermal performance.

Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETS find homes in many applications. These devices are designed to withstand even the most robust switching conditions commonly required by the automotive market, as well as the industrial sector. Other applications include dc-dc converters, battery chargers, motor drives.